Saturday, January 23, 2010

Atlantic Hemlock drops in

Atlantic Hemlock arrived at the IEL pier in Dartmouth to supplement Atlantic Towing's harbour fleet. Fleet mate Atlantic Oak has been away in Newfoundland working since before Christmas, so Hemlock will bring the fleet up to three again, with Atlantic Spruce and Atlantic Larch.

Built in 1996, Atlantic Hemlock has 4,00bhp compared to the 5,000 bhp of the Oak, and carries no firefighting gear.

She has thin film of frozen spray on her from the trip, and still carries one of the aluminum guard plates on a wheelhouse window. Her winch is also enclosed by a tarp.

She is normally based in Saint John, New Brunswick, but does get around to other locations from time to time, and made a round trip to Europe in 2000 to promote sales. She was in Rotterdam and at the International Tug & Salvage Conference in St.Malo, France. The trip was successful as several of her yard mates have been sold to a variety of European owners.

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