Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cates Tugs of Yore

1. This 1986 view shows Charles H. Cates XVI, III, XVII and XV (1956-57 era) of the small single screw wooden class, and Charles H. Cates IV (1974) of a later twin screw class.

2. In 1996 Charles H. Cates II (1983) stood still long enough for a photo. It was still carrying the line handling crane, which was seldom used, and eventually removed.

3. In 1996 Charles H. Cates XVI (built 1957) was still running, and several other members of the fleet were tied up behind, including XX (built 1969.)

4. Tymac No.20, reportedly built by Cates in 1921, is still going, doing laundry duty on Zuiderdam, May 22, 2010.

I have always made a point of checking out the Cates tugs when I have been in Vancouver, so this is a selection from the files.

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