Friday, November 26, 2010

Long, long ago, but not too far away

The Waterfront Development Corporation has named the parking lot adjacent to the tug dock, Foundation Place in recognition of its place in history.

1. A busy Foundation Maritime, ca. 1956

2. November 2010, the salvage shed remains, underutilized on the waterfront.

3. ca. 1970. In busier times, it was surrounded by wharves and activity, with the salvage tug Foundation Vigilant alongside.

4. Ad with Foundation Vigilant.

5. Ad with Foundation Franklin, heroine of Grey Seas Under.

Time was when Foundation Maritime was in the marine salvage business in Halifax. That all ended when they sold their last salvage tug, Foundation Vigilant, in the early 1970s. Successor Eastern Canada Towing Ltd did some light salvage work and emergency towing, but no longer maintained a salvage plant.

Svitzer, successor to Ectug, has no tugs in Halifax anymore, and the salvage shed sits forlornly on the waterfront, but for how much longer? The area to the south of the salvage shed was filled in years ago, and a new development will start construction in the spring. I doubt they will be thrilled to have that shed next to their new hotel/apartment/shopping complex - no matter what its history.

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