Monday, February 21, 2011

On the Hull Bollard

Most high sided ships are fitted with recessed hull bollards. This allows tugs to tie up without having to pass a line up to the ship's deck. Here Atlantic Oak has secured to a hull bollard on Atlantic Conveyor as the ship heads up through the Narrows to berth at Fairview Cove on Saturday February 19.

Fleet mate Atlantic Willow has made a similar connection further aft.
It requires considerable skill for the deckhand to pass a very stiff wire, out over the tug's side while the skipper keeps the tug in position alongside the moving ship. On a windy day, the deckie is likely to get doused with spray in the process. The tugs are fitted with headlights in their bulwark's forward to assist when this has to be done at night.

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  1. Hi it's a piece of spectra type rope not a wire ,much better and easier to use.
    The "headlights are really only good for lighting up buoys in front of the tug at night.