Friday, March 4, 2011

Atlantic Towing Goes Green

1. Atlantic Fir (named for an evergreen) works Alice Oldendorff 2011-02-05.

Atlantic Towing has joined Green Marine, a shipping industry environmental organization. This is a worthy move for a forward looking company.

Hidden within their announcement is one tantalizing tidbit of info, that their Evergreen Tug Technology (hydrid tug) is in the final stages of development. This must mean that they are planning to build a hybrid tug. If so they would be joining a very select group of tug operators, including Foss (which is has two hydrid tugs)

Not mentioned in the latest news is a possibly interesting connection. One of the world's leading tug hybrid technology firms is based in Prince Edward Island, and that is where Irving Shipbuilding has its tug building yard. Seems like a natural.

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