Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Atlantic Larch and Fir at work

1. OOCL Hong Kong with tugs coming to a stop.

2. Atlantic Larch providing braking on the port side.

3. Atlantic Fir pours on the power to take the way off.

It's not all play for the tugs of Atlantic towing despite some PR work this week. Today the post-Panamax container ship OOCL Hong Kong had to be brought to a stop in the lower harbour.

Atlantic Larch put on the brakes from her position on the port side, and Atlantic Fir had to apply some power from her stern position. Her blue spectra line was bar taught as she she swung out to take the way off the ship.

The ship apparently did not have permission to pass under the harbour bridges. This could have been due to activity on the bridge, or the need to allow the tide to fall enough to give adequate clearance. These post-Panamax ships have substantial air draft, and they need special monitoring to ensure that the can pass the bridges safely.

The ship remained stationary in the lower harbour with tugs standing by for nearly an hour until it was given the "all clear" to proceed. This would indicate to me that it was not a tide related issue.


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