Sunday, May 6, 2012

El Jaguar back again

The impressive US tug El Jaguar made a return visit to Halifax this weekend. As on her previous visit, she was towing the barge Marmac 400 with components for the nickel smelter in Long Harbour, NL. This time however, the load consisted on building structures, instead of pipe racks.
It was also a shorter stay this time. The tug arrived in the middle of the night and sailed late this afternoon.

1. El Jaguar lies alongside the tow while the crew reconnects the towing gear.

2. With towline connected the tug backs away.

3. Once turned the tow line is adjusted (the shackle is is just at the rail forward of the strongback.) The tug is being conned from the aft control/winch station on the boat deck.

4. While Atlantic Willow pulls the stern off the dock, El Jaguar pulls around to head out.

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