Monday, September 10, 2012

Safely delivered

The German tug Centaurus arrived in Aliaga, Turkey today after towing the retired Great Laker DON (ex Gordon C. Leitch) from Montreal. This is the second successful tow this year. Both were accomplished with well found tugs and experienced crews.
Last year's disaster with the Miner (ex Canadian Miner) which is still aground on a beach in Cape Breton, and yet to be removed, could have been avoided. I am told that the neither the tug nor the crew were suitable for the job.
Centaurus which is operated by Harms Offshore AHT (part of the Ulrich Harms group) was built in 2009, has 8,078 bhp and is fully oufitted for offshore work, including anchor handling. It has a bollard pull of 104 tonnes.
1. Not the North Sea, but the St. Lawrence River on August 12. Centaurus battles wind , seas and tide upbound off St-Joseph-de-la-Rive.

2. She was using a lot of power (and it sounded wonderful) but she was rolling uncomfortably in the swell. 

Regrettably I did not get a photo of her towing the ship due to thick fog.

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