Sunday, November 11, 2012

Intrepid Sea bows out

The supplier Intrepid Sea (ex Sable Sea-02, Neftegaz 29-98) left port under cover of darkness tonight in tow of Atlantic Elm.
The former Russian supplier had been idle in Halifax since arriving here in tow November 15, 2001. Various parts had been cannibalized to assist in the conversion and repair of former fleet mates in the Secunda fleet, and the ship had been moved around to various locations in the port. It had been laid up most recently at Pier 9A.
In May of this year its Canadian registry was closed and it has since been referred to as N-29. Whether it is registered at present it is hard to know since it flies no flag nor displays any port of registry.
Its history has been given here before, so will not be repeated, but it is apparent that with the recent buyout of McDermott Canada Ltd by local management, the ship had no future with Secunda.
The ship's destination was given as Boston, with an arrival date of November 13.  Once in Boston, it is my assumption that it will be handed over to a US tug for onward towage to its final destination for scrap, likely Brownsville, TX.
Departure from pier 9A was assisted by Atlantic Larch. As the ship was moving off the dock part of its port deck rail gave way and the bits the tug was using parted company with the ship, in the bight of the Larch's line. The bits later dropped into the water in the main channel.
Also the supplier had some old Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) on deck and possibly some other scrap material.

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