Monday, October 14, 2013

No holiday for Gulf Spray

It was the Thanksgiving holiday weekend for some, but not Gulf Spray and its crew. The hard working little tug handles waste disposal work for cruise ships and is on the go nearly every day during the height of the cruise season.
1. Gulf Spray approaches pier 9B with the tanker scow O/B Gavin David.

Gulf Spray can be seen towing a tanker scow or a flat deck scow, that carries a variety of waste containers, and a forklift.
2. Gulf Spray and a solid waste scow in the Narrows on October 9.

Gulf Spray qualifies as a classic, since it was built in 1959 by Ferguson Industries in Pictou, NS for use in the shipyard. It was built to a similar pattern to tugs built for the Minister of Public Works.It received an extensive rebuild in 2007.

3. After a particularly neat bit of boat handling, Gulf Spray is finished for the day and returns to her berth.

The tug is usually operated by one man only, with another one or two the scow. A third man uses the outboard powered Harbour Runner to say ahead of the tug and assist with tying up the scow once it reaches the pier 9B base or bringing it alongside the cruise ships.
4. The outboard powered Harbour Runner plays catch up.


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