Friday, November 1, 2013

Scotia Diver in port

The tug ex fishing boat Scotia Diver  has been spotted in port October 30, at pier 9C and at pier 6 - both positions awkward for photography. It is still in as of this evening.

Built in 1979 by Lunenburg Foundry + Engineering as the fishing vessel Wanda and Paula, it was renamed Scotia Diver in 1997 when Halifax owners bought it as a dive tender/towboat. It did see frequent use in Halifax and as far away as Gaspé for a time, but was then laid up for number of years until sold in 2010. The current owner, from Port Hawksbury, has put the boat to good use in general towing and contracting work.
I assume the tug is in Halifax to tow out the small dump scows SA2 and SA3 that Dexter was using in  at Pier 6. They are owned by Indian Head Towing of Port Hastings, NS. Scotia Diver probably towed them to Halifax as well, but I missed that. The wild weather for the last few days has no doubt resulted in a postponement of any departure.

The new owner has done a lot of work on the tug, but this is how she appeared in 1999.

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