Monday, May 11, 2015

Towing ex navy ships - sequel

Former Canadian warships based in Halifax when decommissioned were either sold for scrap to India, the USA or reefed in Canadian waters, with one exception.

That exception was HMCS Provider, Canada's first modern fleet supply ship. A combination tanker and cargo ship it was a more substantial vessel than the lighter weight destroyers, and was sold for scrap to Turkey. It was also not towed overseas by a Russian tug!

Instead it was towed by one of the seven superb tugs from International Towing Contractors (ITC) that were well known in Canadian waters. For Provider the tug was Sirocco, built in 1978 in Japan. The 8200 bhp vessels were among the finest of their type, with a bollard pull of 110 tonnes, and kitted out for salvage.

Most scrap tows of former warships from Halifax departed from the civilian piers, but Provider left from the Naval Armaments Depot jetty in Dartmouth, with the assistance of the naval tug Glenbrook and a send off from the fireboat Firebird.

Sirocco underway with ex HMCS Provider with Glenbrook preparing to take off the riding crew.

Sirocco lets go from the NAD jetty.

CFAV Firebird takes time away from its security round to see the tow off.

Sirocco was on impressive tug from any angle. In 2011 it was sold to Turkish owners and renamed Izmir Bull. Flying the Cook Islands flag, it has been working mostly in African waters.

Provider was also a striking looking ship-even in its lightly ballasted trim.


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