Friday, October 9, 2015

Heading South

The tug Boa Odin sailed from Halifax on October 8, towing the Boa Barge 33 loaded with one section of the former Novadock floating drydock.The destination is Tampa, FL.

As morning fog burns off on October 7, Boa Odin stands by the stern of the Boa Barge 33.

The tow will be within range of shoreside AIS stations for the entire trip, so will be easy to follow on other AIS sites.

Also trackable is the supplier Maersk Chignecto, southbound giving Tampico, MX as its destination. That port is well out of the normal operating area of the St.John's based Maersk operations.

 Arriving in Halifax in 2014, rigged with seabed survey gear, Maersk Chignecto was also in Halifax in February 2015  fitted with for cable work.

 The last of the Husky Bow Valley suppliers in the Maersk Canada fleet, it dates from 1983. Although still shown as registered in Canada, and owned by Maersk, is this its last trip?


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