Friday, January 6, 2017

Atlantic Kingfisher - back to its roots

Atlantic Towing Ltd's supplier Atlantic Kingfisher returned to its roots in Halifax January 4 . The ship was built by Halifax Shipyard and launched September 7, 2002 and it was registered in Halifax December 27, 2002.

Its very first job was a cable repair project off Rimouski, QC, and it was fitted out for that work in January 2003, sailing from Halifax January 23 and returning February 1.

This time round it will be a re-run, although perhaps not with the same dates.  After tying up at IT International Telecom's base at pier 9 on Wednesday, it went to Imperial Oil for bunkers yesterday and returned to pier 9. (I would have a picture, but a zero visibility snow squall hit as it passed my vantage point).

Today a crane was fitting stern slides over the stern roller. It also has some containerized workshops installed on deck for cable splicing and testing.

Atlantic Kingfisher is part of the second pair of tug suppliers built for Atlantic Towing Ltd by Halifax Shipyard. It is a U722L class (L standing for LONG). The 16,100 bhp vessel is powered by four 6 cyl Bergens through twin cp screws in fixed nozzles and has a bollard pull in the 170 tonne range.

After its first cable job, the tug has worked largely from Newfoundland but has towed the rig Henry Goodrich from the Gulf of Mexico to Newfoundland and towed the FPSO Terra Nova from its offshore position to Rotterdam.and back.

All Atlantic Towing Ltd offshore vessels are named for birds. Most of the names chosen have no particular significance (e.g. Atlantic Condor is a non-sequitur, since condors are Pacific birds), but the kingfisher has long been the symbol for the City of Halifax.


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