Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bulletin #1 - Boa Arrivals

The extra large tug Boa Bison arrived today with the barge Boabarge 37 after a lengthy Atlantic crossing. (See previous post and today's Shipfax). The original ETA for the tow was April 17, but a series of storms and strong headwinds made the first leg of the journey - as far as the Azores - much longer than planned. The last 1500 miles or so was apparently much easier, although some poor weather did cross the track in the past few days.

Dominion Diving's Roseway, just about the smallest tug in Halifax Harbour scuttles past the inbound Boa Bison.

The tow line has been let go and Boabarge 37 is in control of the harbour tugs Atlantic Willow and Atlantic Oak (not visible). Harbour pilots, in orange oilskins direct the tugs from atop the starboard forward tower.

Boa Bison remained in port only long enough to take bunkers and sailed eastbound late this afternoon, giving Bergen, Norway as its destination.


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