Monday, February 22, 2010

Oldie from the Shoebox, February 1986

On January 10, 1986 the Greek bulker Amphion ex Frinton-93, Domina-86, 16565/77 en route Philadelphia to Europe with iron ore, began taking water 900 km east of Newfoundland. Despite horrific conditions CCGS Leonard J. Cowley managed to get to the scene and take off the crew of 34 by making multiple trips with her Zodiac.
Secunda Marine brought their tug Tignish Sea out of refit and steamed to the scene fitted with pumps and salvage gear. It was not until January 15 that they reached the ship. With their Lloyd's Open Form (No Cure No Pay) in hand they awaited the right time to board the ship and secure it for towing. That was a four day wait. The salvage crew started the generators and the pumps managed to stem the flow.

It took until February 3 to reach Halifax. Their arrival was greeted by a heavy snow fall and brisk winds. Their tug Chebucto Sea ex naval tug St.Charles went out to assist in steering the unwieldy Amphion into port where it was safely secured, with the assistance of Point Halifax and Point Chebucto.

The crew had abandoned ship fearing hull cracks. but once the ship was examined in Halifax, it was discovered that high seas had swept away some ventilators and only minor repairs were needed to get the ship back out to sea. She sailed February 23.
In 2000 Tignish Sea was rebuilt as an articulated tug for the barge Sarah Spencer and has worked on the Great Lakes ever since. Last year she was laid up most of the time however.
Chebucto Sea was sold last year to Newfoundland interests associated with Miller Shipping and has been renamed Matterhorn.

Conditions were less than ideal for photography on February 3.
The sunny photo of Tignish Sea was taken March 10 after a freezing spray trip to the Sable Island area.

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