Monday, May 16, 2011

CFAVs in the Narrows

1. The Canadian Forces Auxiuliary Vessel Glenbrook YTB 643 made a solo security trip to Bedford Basin today. This is a daily trip to the Defence Research and Development Establishment Atlantic barge YLP 451. The barge is moored off Birch Cove and used for a variety of experimental purposes. It is sometimes manned, but there is a daily security visit from some HMC Dockyard craft. Glenbrook was built in 1976 and boasts a 19.5 tonne bollard pull from its Voith-Schneider propulsion system - quite adequate for light displacement warships.

2. The morning trip is usually made by the firefloat Firebird YTR 561, as it was on Saturday May 14. Built in 1978 the boat is fitted with a towing bitt, but is not rated as a tug.


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