Friday, May 13, 2011

Pup out for a run

The Ville class tug Granville is northbound in the Narrows on a run to Bedford Basin. One of three tugs of this class based in HMC Dockyard in Halifax, it carries the pennant number YTL 594, and although owned by the Minster of National Defence, it is operated by the Queens' Harbour Master, with a civilian crew.

Originally built as Marysville , its name was too similar sounding to sister Merrickville YTL 593, and so was changed to Granville, after a familiar downtown street in Halifax.

The third Halifax based Ville is Listerville YTL 592.

Commonly called Pups, because of their small size, these tugs assist in handling yard craft, but can also be seen berthing larger ships, assisting the Glen class tugs.

The "Ville" naming scheme was adopted in Worlds War II when scores of small tugs were built by Russel Brothers of Owen Sound for navy use. When those tugs were retired their replacements were named Villes. Of 365 bhp, they have steering nozzles on their props and a Bollard Pull of 7.5 tons. All three east coast tugs were built in 1974.


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