Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Visiting

1. Point Halifax ties up at the IEL dock this morning with the deck barge Atlantic Swordfish. The Atlantic Larch returns in the background.

2. A brand new Point Halifax, as seen from the wheelhouse of the Point Vibert (now Florence M.) 1987-02-08. She is painted in the colours of Smit & Cory.

After more than a year's absence, the tug Point Halifax returned to Halifax, but it is still just visiting. (It was here one other time, but only handed off a tow and did not enter port or tie up.)

Built in 1986, Point Halifax was the first ASD tug to be based here, and was the prime harbour tug for many years. Powered by two English Electric engines (Ruston) it was rated at 4200 bhp and 62 tonnes bollard pull. At the time this was considered to be quite powerful for a harbour tug, and so it proved to be until the 5,000 bhp tugs came in.

Eastern Canada Towing Ltd ordered the tug when it was still part of the Smit & Cory organization. After numerous changes in that arrangement, they are now owned by Svitzer Canada.

In July 2010 the three Halifax-based Svitzer tugs were transferred to Point Tupper. Point Halifax however was under repair at the time and when it was ready to go, it was transferred to Port Hawksbury and chartered to Atlantic Towing Ltd. It is in their service that it arrived this morning towing the barge Atlantic Swordfish.


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