Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Irving Birch 2 - new for Atlantic Towing

Atlantic Towing has made another acquisition, but this one is a bit unusual, as is the choice of name.
Built in 1975 as Canmar Supplier II by Vito Steel Boat & Barge Construction Ltd of Delta, BC to a Robert Allan Ltd design, it was one of several suppliers for Dome Petroleum's Canadian Marine Drilling.
It was built to work in the Beaufort Sea, which it did for several years.
When that work evaporated, it was redeployed, and even put in an appearance in Halifax in 1997.

Canmar Supplier II was fitting out with cable gear when it was in Halifax in June 1997
It was sold soon after and has worked in the North Sea, most recently for Faroes Island owners as Thor Supplier. It has also been extensively modified, with a raised forecastle and bridge extensions aft.
To see its present appearance:

A small vessel by current supplier standards it has 7,040 bhp provided by two Nohab Polar engines, through twin screws, controllable pitch props in nozzles and a bow thruster. 

Atlantic Towing;'s suppliers have been given bird names, but in this case it has been named Atlantic Birch 2. Tree names have been used for conventional tugs, so it seems likely that this one will be used in more tug-like activity.
Atlantic Towing currently has an Atlantic Birch in its fleet, but it has been laid up for many years. Built in 1967, it is a 3,750 bhp sea going tug. It has figured in numerous long tows, salvage jobs and barge work, but is unlikely to sail again. 

Atlantic Birch - still in the fleet, but laid up.

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  1. Irving is looking into buying another tug - they've inquired about the HandySize 3200 under construction at Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland.