Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tug Lina - history not known

1. WhAt remained of the Bear River bridge April 17. The girder sections on each end have been removed, and the swing section has been removed.

2. The barge TKL No5, fitted with spuds has one portion of the swing section suspended from its A-frame.

3. The pushboat type tug Lina is tied up to the barge.

It's not often that I see a "surprise" tug-that is a tug whose history is unknown to me. Such was the case yesterday at the site of the Bear River bridge demolition project.

Two railway bridges, once owned by the Dominion Atlantic Railway are being demolished by R.J.MacIsaac Construction Ltd of Antigonish, NS. They mobilised barges and workboats to the site last autumn and have resumed work on removing the badly deteriorated steel structures.

Among the workboats is the push tug Lina of obvious US origin. It is fitted with two push knees and is almost square in shape. It also carries the words "Teddy Bear" on the wheelhouse visor.
The barge T.K.L. No.5 is US built, and perhaps the tug was acquired with it.

For more photos of the demolition process and several closeups of the tug see:


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