Monday, March 25, 2013

Mega and Motti - successfully handed over

The tug barge combo Mega and Motti arrived in Quebec City March 23 and were successfully handed over to Groupe Océan. (It is always good when the new owner accepts delivery!)
Thanks to our anonymous translator here is a summary of Capt. Wiechmann's (the delivery skipper's) last diary report:

The Mega Motti is alongside in the Vieux Port,Quebec and the
Dutchmen have successfully handed the vessel over to the new
owners, Groupe Ocean.The captain and the crew had a little
get together for a "end of voyage beer" which he described as
being "heeeel gezellig". There is really no precise English translation
for this dutch expression.Google translate makes it "very nice"
but that does not cut it, a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie
would be closer.

The whole saga is on the Redwise site, for now, but will soon be gone: Their home page is:
We await transfer of flag from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and of course new names, and some made in Canada photos.

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