Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mega Motti update

It appears from the excellent Redwise site that Groupe Océan's newly acquired tug/barge combo Mega/Motti has sailed from Bermdua.
Thanks to Google translate, I hacve this rough translation from the Captain's log:

Go or not go .....

If you lie to wait for a period of "beautiful" again, plays continued the question: do we or do we not now. To make that choice, you obviously need a weather report, that the entire period of the sailing route spans.
Previously you previously listened to the weather reports on the radio and watched mainly on the prospects. With a notebook and a pencil was hastily "co-written" with the reader of the weather. Often resulted in an illegible scrawl, and a discussion with the helmsman in the trend: "I think it snaps back quite nicely on".

Today the weather and the prospects nicely via email sent to the ship and printed. That discussion with the helmsman can therefore be omitted. That saves a lot of time!
We also of course have the Internet, where a range of sites to see are all weather forecasts show. Think of it as "radar" but for the sea.
And that, dear reader, then dives again the old problem of "go" or "no go" on. For how many sites you visit, there are always differences. So get back to discussion with the officer, "but another site shows that ......."

Go or not go ........... but we have now gone!


So it would seem that after several weeks of waiting for better weather, they are on their way!


  1. I'm surprised that the Mega Motti didn't lay over in Halifax and let
    that surprise spring storm pass by. Alas,the Dutch lads had to seek
    shelter under a lee shore of Cape Breton Island.
    Halifax hospitality certainly rivals that of Bermuda. An evening
    at McKelveys noshing down on a sea food dinner featuring P.E.I.
    lobster and Digby scallops would have been de riguer.Yes sir!
    The crew could have stowed a goodly stash of Solomon Gundy
    which I judge to be superior to the Dutch pickled herring(zuure haaring). And the Dutchmen would find Tancook Island saurkrout
    to be the noble kraut indeed! And as a top off,a couple fo cases of
    Black Diamond rum which is definitely far superior to Gosling's
    Black Seal.

  2. They docked in Quebec Harbour this afternoon. This might be the largest tug barge integrated system on The St-Lawrence. Offshore companies likely have more bee fy equipments. But they might be gone back in internationnal waters