Friday, June 21, 2013

Outboard powered workboat

 1. The Flexifloat sectional scow and workboat at pier 6.

Work at Halifax Shipyard's pier 6 expansion enters a new phase as the Municipal Enterprises Ltd gears up to build the cribs for the pier phase. Municipal, or its Dexter Construction subsidiary has now assembled a Flexifloat sectional spud scow and brought in an outboard powered workboat.
The boat, which has no official name, is a 2 gross ton craft built by A.F.Theriault + Son Ltd, Meteghan River, NS, probably in 2012. It was registered August 2 last year with the Official Number C20115NS. A pair of big Yamaha 115s (in-line 4 cyl, 115 bhp)  provide all the power the boat will need to move the scow around, but may need a little help with the cribs.
2. Theriault built workboat with its big Yamahas.

Theriault has built at least a pair of these 24' aluminum craft, termed barges - see their website at:
Due to their small size, they are not registered as ships, but as boats, and do not have official names, only their license numbers. Owners are therefore free to give them any name they wish, so perhaps we should make some suggestions?

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