Sunday, January 14, 2018

Horizon Star makes it Halifax debut

Horizon Maritime Services Ltd (of Halifax and St. John's) has been involved in crewing and other services related to the offshore sector since it was founded in 2015. It has recently expanded into ship owning as part of a growth strategy. Owned and managed by Nova Scotians with considerable depth of experience with other operators, the company has chosen as its first vessel a highly sophisticated offshore support vessel with a range of capabilities.

Horizon Star arrived in Halifax for the first time January 10 after working off Newfoundland since the summer. Built by Kleven Ulstenivik to a Marin Teknikk MT 6015 design, the ship was originally ordered by IES Energy Marine of Malaysia and launched in 2015. When IES defaulted during the collapse of offshore activity, Kleven attempted to sell the ship, but with little success. Horizon, well financed by Nova Scotia investors, was able to wring a very good deal out of Kleven, and had the ship completed to their own specifications.

The naming ceremony in Norway August 3, 2017, coincided with is registration date in St.John's and Horizon Star sailed soon after, arriving in Newfoundland in mid-August.

At roughly 100m long and 5204 grt, it is reputed to be the largest Canadian vessel of its type. It is equipped with, among other things, a helicopter landing deck, a moon pool, ROV handling gear, and a crane that can work to depths of 3 km. Bristling with the usual array of directional thrusters, it is also fitted with the now standard fire fighting and oil skimming equipment, and can accommodate 60 persons, including its crew of 16.

After taking on some fuel today the ship returned to the IT Telecom berth at Pier 9A where a crane is standing by to load some equipment, that appears to be a large cable reel. The stern slide, fitted this week, indicates that it has been contracted to do some cable laying or cable repair work.


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