Saturday, January 29, 2011

Canadian tug and barge maybe waiting for spring

The articulated tug/ tanker barge combo Victorious / John J. Carrick are tied up at the McAsphalt dock in Eastern Passage with extra mooring lines out to shore.

The Chinese built pair joined the McAsphalt Marine fleet in 2009 and have seen service on the Great Lakes and this coast, including some US ports carrying asphalt for the most part.

McAsphalt Marine is a joint operation between McAsphalt and Upper Lakes Group.

Victorious is a 6000 bhp tug, equipped with the articulation gear required to stay connected to the barge in most conditions.

The McAsphalt dock, formerly known as Dook's dock is adjacent to Autoport, and its mooring buoy can be seen at the stern of the tug.

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