Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oldie from the Archive

1. Douglas Reid getting away to work on Halterm, August 22, 1970.

All the tug activity at pier 42 Halterm has been largely invisible this week, since the dredge is working along the pier face. Pile driving is starting on the extension, but it may be a while before more crane barges are at work.

Back in 1969-1970 when Halterm was built, there was also tug activity, and I posted one of my photos on Shipfax October 19, 2009, of the tug Douglas Reid.

It was built in Cleveland, OH as Racine by Great Lakes Towing Co in 1914, and declared surplus in 1940. A.B.MacLean of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, bought the tug and ran it until 1950 when McNamara Construction acquired It., In 1954 they rebuilt the tug to work on the St.Lawrence Seaway project, and converted it to diesel, built a new deckhouse and raised the bulwarks from the typical Great Lakes style, and renamed it.

The tug worked all over eastern Canada, and wound up in Newfoundland where it was broken up before 1978. Interestingly most of McNamara's assets eventually wound up with McNally, the people working on the present Halterm extension.


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