Thursday, January 20, 2011

Halifax Tugs at Work

1. The pilot boat returns to base, as tugs make up to OOCL Hong Kong. HMCS Fredericton is anchored on the Static Sound Range, just inside Meagher's Beach.

2. Atlantic Larch is made up forward, just aft of the flare, where there is good flat hull to push against if needed.

2. Atlantic Fir is now in full view at the stern.

3. Atlantic Fir is keeping up with the ship, leaving slack in the stern line until needed for braking or turning.

A typical post-Panamax arrival, this time OOCL Hong Kong, came along west of George's Island late this afternoon, heading for Fairview Cove in Bedford Basin. To prepare for passage through the Narrows and under the two harbour bridges, tugs met the ship just inside Meagher's Beach.

Atlantic Larch (4000 bhp) came alongside near the flare forward and Atlantic Fir (5000 bhp) took the escort position astern.

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