Sunday, April 17, 2011


1. Alexis-Simard in Quebec City in 1996. The huge cooling intakes were added in the 1990 rebuild, and replaced intakes mounted much closer to the deck forward of the house. They are visible in the previous posting January 19:

With delivery of Fjord Éternité to Rio Tinto-Alcan at La Baie, the sale of the Alexis-Simard to Groupe Océan has been completed, and the tug is now at Ile-aux-Coudres in refit.

Its new name is Océan A. Simard.

It has been rumoured all along that the tug will be assigned to Toronto/Hamilton operation for Ocean Tugs Ontario, to replace Escorte. That tug remains on the sale list.

Update: On April 21 the tug Ocean Golf was upbound in the Seaway and Escorte was douwenbound on April 25. It is assumed therefore that the Escorte replacement will instead by Ocean Golf.


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