Monday, April 11, 2011

Spanish Mist to the Magdalen Islands

1. Spanish mist at high tide, at the Canadian Keyes Fiber dock in Hantsport.
2. Off Hantsport following a ship sailing.

Tugfax reported in October that Spanish Mist was for sale due to the downturn in gypsum shipments from Hantsport.

It was later reported that the tug was not for sale.

However, it has apparently been sold. According to Transport Canada's web site, the owner is Les Remorquages I.M. Inc., l'Etang du Nord, QC. Established for some years as owners of smaller tugs, the owners are apparently in need of a larger tug to berth ships loading salt in the Magdalen Islands. For several years they have chartered tugs from McKeil for winter operations, to keep the channel open early and late in the season and to assist in berthing.

They operate the tugs Manuels River (ex Rupert River)(1961.720 bhp) and Poinciana (1957 .550 bhp)

Mining and shipment of gypsum through Hantsport has ceased, due to the reduced demand from the US construction market. The strength of the Canadian dollar against the US (as of today $1 Canadian would buy you $1.04 US) is no doubt a factor as well. As previously reported, if a tug is needed for Hantsport, a tug from Saint John can accompany the ship up the Bay of Fundy to the port. However with no gypsum moving, there will unlikely be any shipping in Hantsport for the foreseeable future.

One bit of irony. Hantsport has the highest tides of any commercial port in the world. There is virtually no tidal movement in the Magdalen Islands. Situated in the middle of the Gulf of St.Lawrence, they are essentially a sand bar created by a large eddy of currents in the Gulf.

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