Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glen in the Narrows

The Canadian navy tug Glenevis drifts down the Narrows this morning on her way back to HMC Dockyard. One of three Voith-Schneider tugs in Halifax, she is operated by the Queen's Harbour Master with a civilian crew.

She was built in 1977 at Georgetown, PEI and has 1,750 bhp. Although beautifully maintained, she is surely due for replacement soon.

With the East Isle shipyard in Georgetown looking for work, and having built scores of tugs, can we expect a political announcement on replacements? Probably not.

Her predecessor, the World War II Glenevis was only 33 years old when it was replaced. The current Glenevis is now 34.


The first Glenevis was sold to McKeil in 1978 and served for several years in her original condition (including this trip to Halifax in the fall of 1986) She survived sinking at her dock in 1991, was rebuilt, repowered and is probably still working. She was sold in 2007 to Caribbean owners.


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