Thursday, December 20, 2012

Craig Trans - more

1. Craig Trans now has a boom around it.

News reports tell us that the eight member Honduran crew on Craig Trans ran out of food three days before arriving in Halifax. The tug has now been detained by Transport Canada due to deficiencies related to crew accommodation. It will not be allowed to sail until these are corrected. The Mission to Seafarers and Adship Agencies are tending to the crew's needs, but are also asking for public assistance.
Yesterday afternoon the tug Gulf Spray placed a containment boom around the tug, so there are other problems too.
The report also says that the tug was en route to Montreal to tow a ship to Mexico for scrap.There are several candidates in Montreal for such a tow, so I won't speculate on which one it might be, except to say do we need another Canadian Miner?
Owners are quoted as being Vesta Shipping of New Jersey. Who in their right mind would tow a ship out at this time of year? Will authorities stop them if they try? Stay tuned.

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