Thursday, January 31, 2013

Atlantic Hawk - to the rescue

1. Atlantic Hawk as built.

Reports have reached me that the anchor handling tug/supplier Atlantic Hawk has taken the drifting Lyubov Orlova in tow. The tug secured the wayward ex cruise ship last night (January 30).
Destination for the tow has not yet been made known to me, although I suspect it will be St. John's. I doubt that there will be much of a welcome mat extended there, since the ship languished in that port for two years after being abandoned by its owners. The resident rodent population may be happy to have its hotel back, although I am told it was fumigated at some point before sailing on its ill-fated tow behind Charlene Hunt.
There is some question now if the Charlene Hunt was bareboat chartered to Lyuobov Orlova's owners or actually purchased by them.The US Coast Guard's web site still shows that tug owned by Hunt Marine I LLC of Narragansett, RI..
Atlantic Hawk was built by Halifax Shipyards in 2000, and was the second of a pair of UT 722 AHTSs constructed for Atlantic Towing Ltd. It is powered by a pair of monster V-12 Ulstein Bergen engines developing a total of 14,400 bhp, driving CPPs in nozzles for a Bollard Pull rating of 157 tonnes. It is also bristling with thrusters.
Since the photo above it has added a 20 tonne Iron Fist crane and FiFi II fire fighting gear.

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