Thursday, January 3, 2013

Atlantic Juniper - say it ain't so Joe

Word reached me via the comment section of the blog that Atlantic Juniper may be on the way to her demise. This would certainly be sad, but I guess inevitable. Such is the way with old tugs.
Her is a small retrospective as far as my photos go.

 1. Back in 1993, she was still the Irving Juniper and was wearing the J.D.Irving colours, of blue funnel cap and Irving logo - the same device used on Irving Oil trucks and gas stations. 

2. By 1997 she had become Atlantic Juniper and with the rest of the fleet had lost the logo and assumed a black funnel cap. She is seen here with fleet mates Atlantic Birch and Atlantic Maple - also now sadly laid up and likely to go the same way.

3. By 2004 she had been re-assigned away from Saint John, but was still looking good. 
4. She even had a new bulwark section at the stern. Never fitted with a winch however, she still had her original capstan for line retrieval.

The best photo I have of the Juniper was taken in 1997 when she was returning from berthing the QE2 in Saint John, and was taken by the late John Weeks:



  1. I've heard that she has arrived in Saint John and is being "decommissioned".
    Very sad news. She's a great ole tug.

    Further to your Dec.31 post...she had three nice cabins off the galley on the main deck, but it wasn't enough for the whole crew.

  2. While driving along Chesly Street in Saint John today saw the Irving Juniper along side the Irving Teak going through the Revereing Falls on its way to Indiantown.