Friday, July 25, 2014

Miss Comeau graces the Digby waterfront

Known primarily for its scallop fishing fleet and the ferry service to Saint John, NB, Digby, Nova Scotia is also home to a handsome small tug, which finds work around the Annapolis Basin and comes in handy when there is an emergency.

Built in 2006 by its owners Comeau Marine Railway in Saulnierville, NS, the 7 gross ton twin screw tug is usually to be found at one of the floats at the Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club - and it does look jaunty enough to be a pleasure craft. However on close inspection it is all business.

Assisting boats on and off the nearby marine railway is one of is regular tasks. 

Well fendered and fitted with sturdy tow bits, I would estimate its horsepower at 350, but that figure is not posted in Transport Canada's on line list of shipping.

 On December 21, 2012 when the ferry Princess of Acadia lost the use of its thruster, the tug was called in to assist in berthing the 10,000 ton ship. The ferry must come alongside and back up to its loading ramp, and thrusters are essential - unless there is a tug nearby. [See today's Shipfax post for more on Princess of Acadia]

Miss Comeua sits ready amidst pleasure craft, fishing boats and a fast rescue RHIB.


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