Wednesday, July 22, 2015

End of the Line for May C

It is not often that I report on a tug being scrapped, but such is the unfortunate news regarding the small tug May C owned by Aecon Atlantic Industrial Inc, (previously known as Aecon Fabco) operators of the Pictou, NS shipyard.. I have just received photos from a reader showing the tug cut up at the shipyard.

Built in 1972, the tug is not old by Canadian standards, and it had been re-engined. It only passed into Aecon's hands in 2011 and it did not see extensive use. It looked pretty good, superficially, when I reported on it as recently as April of this year:

Even as late as June 20 it still appeared intact, but remained hauled out at the shipyard. There must have been a severe problem with the tug to warrant such a drastic solution.

I also covered the tug's history in a post in 2011 when it was operating as Mary Steele for Superport Marine Services Ltd of Port Hawksbury, owners from.1996.

Leaving Halifax with Superport Marine's barge in tow.

Its longest tenure was with the federal Department of Public Works as Tignish from 1981 to 1996.

 Tignish often tied up at the Queen's Wharf in Halifax - much has changed since then.
With the retired CSS Acadia in the background - both were members of the "buff funnel' fleet of Canadian government ships.
It was built as Jacques Rochette and renamed Techno-Rochette in 1975.

Perhaps Aecon will build a new tug for themselves, but I have no news on that front yet.


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