Sunday, July 12, 2015

Showing Off

Atlantic Towing Ltd's three Halifax based harbour tugs usually go about their business without much fanfare or notice Occasionally they do get to show off.

Atlantic Larch looks very business like as it returns to its base after undocking a ship on Saturday. The 4000bhp tug was built in 2000, and is fitted with a towing winch. Despite pushing a lot of water it leaves very little wake.

On Saturday afternoon Atlantic Willow did a couple of high speed 360 degree turns to the delight of harbour watchers. Also of 4,000 bhp, it was built in 1998 and is fitted with a towing winch and firefighting monitors.

On Friday evening Atlantic Oak escorted Queen Mary 2 on its ceremonial departure from Halifax commemorating the 175th anniversary of Cunard's first transatlantic steamship crossing. A 5,050 bhp tug built in 2004, it does not have a towing winch, but is equipped with an array of firefighting equipment.


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