Friday, July 17, 2015

Off to the north

Svitzer Nerthus and Svitzer Njal sailed early this morning for Milne Inlet, Baffin Island to take up their new duties, ship berthing at the Baffinland Iron Mine project.

 (Photo taken 2015-06-04, when the tugs arrived from Denmark, the container on the dock has been loaded on the stern of Svitzer Njal)

The timing of their departure was related to the departure from Turkey of the first ship scheduled to load iron ore this season. (Believed to be Federal Tiber)
The ship and tugs will rendez-vous off Milne Inlet, which is still blocked by ice, although the port itself is clear. Icebreaker assistance is expected to clear the entry to the bay.

There is still no word on what the tugs will be doing after the end of the shipping season in Ocotber.

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