Sunday, February 12, 2012

Atlantic Hawk - called in from Newfoundland

1. Atlantic Hawk working alongside GSF Grand Banks 2012-02-10.

2. The superstructure was built as a module and lifted onto the hull as a "plug-in".

3. The hull was built in modules. As the ship became too large for the building hall, it was gradually moved outdoors.

4. Atlantic Hawk makes its way up the Narrows on a frigid day in 2004, wreathed in sea-smoke.

Atlantic Hawk arrived on Friday to service the oil rig GSF Grand Banks. As with Maersk Dispatcher last week, the tug/supplier had been idle in St.John's until called for the work.

Atlantic Hawk was built in Halifax as the second of the class of UT 722 vessels for Atlantic Towing. It was launched Mar 10, 2000 and has been in service since May of that year.

In recent years it has had a large Iron Fist 20t deck crane added and one huge fire monitor on the bow and two more on the superstructure. These are capable of 3,600 cu.m/hr. giving the ship a FiFi II rating. See the ship's full specs here:


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