Friday, February 24, 2012

Richard Brusco and Chicago Bridge

1. Richard Brusco at pier 27. Note the heavy fenders mounted on the deck house rail. This is a feature of some US Navy tugs, and allows for working under the extreme flare of ships' bows and sterns.

Another US tug and barge arrived in port to wait out weather. Richard Brusco put in yesterday afternoon in dense fog and tied up at pier 27. As with its fleet mate earlier in the week, it is towing a deck barge with piping modules for the nickel refinery project in Long Harbour, NF.

Richard Brusco was built in 1966 by San Diego Maritime Construction and is rated at 4,300 bhp. It carried the name Mercury to 2001. The barge is Chicago Bridge 5,860 gross tons, built in 1997.

This tug and barge combo have been running steadily from Texas to Long Harbour since spring. They were reported in Long Harbour in early May, bunkering in Argentia before heading south again.

The tug is operated by Gulf Atlantic Towing of Lafayette, LA and the barge is owned by Trailer Bridge Inc of Jacksonville, FL.


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