Sunday, September 16, 2018

Atlantic Raven - new assignment - UPDATED

On August 11 the federal government announced that it had awarded the Emergency Towing Vessel [ETV] contract for British Columbia waters to Atlantic Towing Ltd, a division of J.D.Irving Ltd. The three year contract for $67 million includes seven, one year extension options.

Atlantic Raven arrived in Halifax today, and is freshly painted, so is no doubt headed to the west coast.

Atlantic Towing Ltd will send two vessels, Atlantic Eagle and Atlantic Raven to the west coast before the end of 2018.

Reaction to the announcement from the west coast was predictably negative. Citing lack of consultation and the age of the vessels, critics also complained that it an eastern company lacks local knowledge.

There is no denying that the two vessels are not new, but they have a great many positive attributes that would make them quite suitable for the job at hand, which let's face it is light duty compared to the constant pounding of offshore work. They are tug/suppliers built to the UT722 design, but come from different shipyards.

Atlantic Eagle was launched "conventionally", but bow first to protect the CP props and keep the deck dry.

Atlantic Eagle was launched by Halifax Shipyard August 14, 1999 and was in service by January 2000. Atlantic Raven was also built in 1999, but by Orskov Staalskibs.verft, Frederikshaven, Denmark. Originally named Asso Ventidue for Augusta Supply Vessel of Italy, it was acquired by ATL in 2011. Both are powered by Ulstein Bergen main engines, developing 14,450 bhp and about 162 tonnes bollard pull.

Before heading to the west coast, the Atlantic Raven is heading north for Baffin Island to work on some future port infrastructure for Baffinland Iron Mines. Groupe Océan has been providing tug assistance in the current port [see previous post] and Baffinland has hired the icebreaker Botnica for ice management work in Milne Inlet until the end of September. Navigation closes in the port in mid-October.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scotian Sea - sold

The handsome supplier Scotian Sea has apparently been sold and re-purposed. Its Canadian registry was closed September 10, and now under British flag, it sailed September 12 for Aberdeen, Scotland as Scotian Sentinel. It was also classified on AIS as a fishing vessel.

Since it was acquired and renamed by Secunda in 2012 it has been used for a variety of work, including support of BP's seismic program in 2014. Since then however, it has been under utilized and during the past year or more, largely laid up at The Cove (former CCG Base in Dartmouth).

Secunda is now 100% owned by Siem Offshore of Norway, and has brought newer vessels to Canada when work is available.

Kvaerner Kleven of Lervik, Norway built the ship in 1997 as Rescue Saga for K.S Rem Seismic, but it was sold to Havila Offshore and renamed Havila Runde in 1998. It has been classed as a platform supply / oil recovery / fire fighting vessel.