Sunday, September 11, 2016

Maersk Nexus

The supplier Maersk Nexus has been working out of Halifax for the last few weeks,. Since Maersk Supply Service Canada's base is in Newfoundland Maersk suppliers are here rarely.

Today it took on fuel at pier 9 from the Wilson pipeline and when completed, backed up to pier 9c. Yesterday it loaded bulk cargo from Shaw resources trucks, indicating to me that it is supporting drilling, and thus must be working for Shell.

One of a pair built by Asenav in Chile, it and its sister Maersk Nomad are 10,445 bhp PSVs of the Ulstein UT 745 CDL class. It was delivered in 2010.

Before moving back to pier 9c, Maersk Nexus waited for the arrival of Skandi Flora which is supporting Shell's drilling program in the Shelburne Basin. Managed by Mathers, it and Breaux Tide, operated by Atlantic Towing, are working under coasting licenses as foreign ships. The licenses have now been extended for another year as Shell is about to start a second exploratory well.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Halifax Tugger has a new job

More or less picking up where I left off :

The small tug Halifax Tugger has been seen for past few days working on new job, handling the refuse scow for cruise ships. It has apparently taken over from Gulf Spray which has remained idle. Halifax Tugger works in a push mode, whereas the classic Gulf Spray used the more unwieldy tow line.

With companion Harbour Runner, which is used in docking the barge, Halifax Tugger works its way to its Pier 9A base to offload refuse from a cruise ship.

Halifax Tugger previously was kept very busy working with the barges used in replacing the Macdonald bridge deck, but those barges have returned to Quebec.

Halifax Tugger (background, left), Captain Jim (middle) and Belle-D. (foreground) with the barge Halcrane carrying a new bridge deck section.

The barges, Océan Abyss and Halcrane were picked up by Océan Echo II in August and towed in tandem up the St.Lawrence. They were met off Ile-aux-Coudres by another Groupe Océan tug, Océan Yvan Desgagnés and towed on individually to Quebec City.

Océan Echo II with its tow trudging up the St.Lawrence against the tide, doing about 3 knots.

Halifax Tugger dates from 2011 when it was built as Cercle Polaire by GFFM Leclerc at Ile-aux-Coudres, QC. The twin screw, 520 bhp 30 footer was used by Leclerc in their rental business, to assist with northern supply lighterage and construction activity until 2015 when RMI Marine acquired the tug and gave it a new name. As a vessel of less than 15 tons the names are unofficial, and it is registered by number.