Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Point Chebucto

Point Chebucto returns to the dock at 12:15 after sailing the autocarrier Triton Highway. The ship arrived at the Autoport earlier this morning and required two tugs for docking (Point Chebucto and Svitzer Bedford).

Point Chebucto was built in 1992 by Halifax Shipyard and is a 4000 bhp azimuthing stern drive tug. She was designed with all accommodation above the main deck and has an extra high bow for berthing high sided ships. As a result she is sometimes too high for some of the ships that arrive in Halifax. However she is an excellent seakeeping vessel, and has made numerous short trips to Sheet Harbour and Lunenburg. I don't believe she has been farther afield than that.

She is shown here passing fleet mate Point Halifax, built in 1986 and with 4200 bhp. Point Halifax is still not in regular service, as repairs are ongoing after last August's incident in the Strait of Belle Isle when she damaged one of her stern drives. Point Halifax was built by McTay Marine in Bromborough, England, and crossed the Atlantic on her delivery trip. She has also made long distance trips to the Bahamas, Hudson Bay and the St.Lawrence River, but is not as sea friendly, and is a notable "roller" according to her crews.

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