Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ryan Leet - yes again

It was exactly two years ago to the day that I photographed Ryan Leet going out to Bedford Basin for trials. In that two years this magnificent tug has been working as a standby vessel off Sable Island. Although not fully utilizing the vessel's capabilities, it has been steady work. Ryan Leet comes into Halifax about once a month for crew change and minor servicing, and from time to time does a trials trip or emergency drills for the new crew before setting out again.
So thus it is that on January 10, 2012, one year later it is doing the same thing.
There has been a dearth of tug activity in Halifax in recent weeks, but there is no excuse needed to take a picture of this excellent tug.
You can go back to January 10, 2010 for more details.

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