Friday, February 17, 2012

Gulf Cajun finally arrives

1. Gulf Cajun has slacked off on the tow line as it enters port off Halterm (in a snow shower)

2. The barge Atlanta Bridge carries a load of piping modules. Atlantic Oak is slowing the barge.

3. Some neat maneuvering bringing the barge alongside pier 27.

After doodling around off Halifax all last night the tug Gulf Cajun arrived this afternoon towing the barge Atlanta Bridge*.

According to the port's website the tug was due yesterday, but for some reason it remained offshore, going back down the shore to the mouth of St.Margaret's Bay where it remained all night. Once inside Meaghher's Beach, the tug Atlantic Oak came out and transferred deck hands from the Gulf Cajun to the barge and made up astern to act as a brake. There followed some nice tug handling to bring the tow alongside pier 27.

The tug is operated by Gulf Atlantic Towing of Lafayette, LA a subsidiary of Brusco Tug & Barge of Longview WA. Built in 1976, it was named Pacific Master until 2007. Brusco is rather coy about its fleet, so I am not sure of any more details. It is fitted with two 16 cyl GM Clevelands of 2100 bhp each, drving twin open fixed pitch screws.

Another Brusco tug, Maria Brusco was also expected in Halifax, but its name has been removed from the Port's website.

The barge appears to be loaded with equipment for the Long Harbour nickel development in Newfoundland. Barges have been ferrying this type of equipment for the past year, often through charters to McKeil Marine.

* Built 1998, 5,860 gross tons.


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