Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eileen McAllister - big tow ahead

Eileen McAllister arrived this morning to prepare for a big tow. She will haul the retired floating drydock Scotia Dock II to ship breakers in Florida Texas.
Built in 1977 by Main Iron Works in Houma, LA, the tug is powered by two 16 cylinder GM EMDs giving 4300 bhp. It doesn't seem like a lot of power to tow the unwieldy drydock.
Further coverage of the drydock tow will be found on Shipfax.
1. Classic lines of the traditional style US tug.
2. The winch operator's house has been added since I last saw this tug in 1997.
3. The tug crew gets its first look at the drydock they will be  towing.

4. There is a massive double drum towing winch tucked into the deck house.

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