Sunday, September 16, 2012

Atlantic Willow

1. Atlantic Willow returns from engine trials Friday. It is one of the few Atlantic Towing tugs not registered in Saint John.

Atlantic Willow conducted engine trials Friday afternoon. This may mean that she had been undergoing some repairs that kept her out of service, and would explain the presence in Halifax of Atlantic Fir (see older post).

2. Atlantic Willow and Atlantic Fir alongside the dock in Woodside.

Atlantic Willow was built in 1998, to be used at Point Tupper, NS (hence the registration in Port Hawksbury) It is one of the "first generation" East Isle-built tugs, with 4,000 bhp engines. It has no towing winch, and has been based in Halifax almost steadily since ATL took over tug operations in Halifax harbour.
Atlantic Fir, built in 2005 has the 5,000 bhp engines and other "second generaiton" modifications based on operational experience. Note the side doors in the wheelhouse, bumper on the stem, different fire fighting monitors, etc., It is fitted with a towing winch. It is not normally based in Halifax.

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