Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quebec Report 5 - TundRA class

Groupe Océan is forging ahead with the next in its series of TundRA class arctic/escort tugs, following on the impressive Océan Tundra, completed in 2013.

The 8,000 bhp, 100 tonne bollard pull Océan Tundra was built by the Groupe's own shipyard, Industrie Océan, to a unique Robert Allan design (hence the capital RA in TundRA). The immense size of the tug is not immediately apparent until one begins to look closely, particularly at the deckhand on the stern.

The next tug in the planned series of three is well underway at Ile-aux-Coudres, and a glimpse is possible when the shipyard shed door is open. The bow section will be fabricated in Quebec City, and will be joined on before launch. The superstructure, also to be built off site, will be added after launch.

Yet to be named officially, it will likely be delivered in 2015, and will join Océan Tundra in tanker escort work on the St.Lawrence, but will also work in the far north.


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