Friday, December 19, 2014

Seabed Prince - back for more + update

The Norwegian offshore vessel Seabed Prince is working for Secunda Canada on the export pipeline at the Thebaud gas field near Sable Island. Since no Canadian vessel was available to do the specialized work, the ship was granted a coasting license.
I covered its first arrival in Shipfax November 20: but it was back in port again Decmber 6 -7 and returned again this afternoon.

Seabed Prince is providing dive team accommodation and ROVs for installing grout bags, reinforcing bars and weighted mattresses to the pipeline.

Recently an application has been made to extend the coasting license beyond the end of December to February 28, 2015.

Waiting for the ship at pier 31 was a trailer carrying weighted mattresses and not far away a stock of grout bags.They will be loaded aboard using a shoreside crane.

Saturday Update
After unloading some tank containers from deck and taking on the matresses and grout bags, the ship sailed Saturday afternoon, back to the Thebaud field.

A shore crane hoists grout bags aboard. The ship's crane has been swing inboard to allow the mattresses to be loaded. The grey cement tank containers on the dock were removed from the ship.
Sailing Saturday at dusk.



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