Saturday, December 29, 2018

Horizon Enabler back

Horizon Maritime's latest acquisition Horizon Enabler is back in port after completing cable work off Cape Breton. The ship made a quick stopover in Sydney, NS on Christmas Day and arrived in Halifax less than 24 hours later.

 Now renamed on bow and stern, and the Tidewater banner painted over, the ship will have the cable slide and portable work shop removed, and some decking  "tail gate"  re-instated. The section was removed for the cable work.

A section of transom was removed to install the cable slide.

Workers were re-installing the "tail gate" this afternoon.

When the ship arrived to fit out for the cable job on December 4, it was still carrying its Tidewater markings on the bow.  They were likely covered up before it sailed December 11.

Offshore work is grinding to a halt off Nova Scotia and it may be some time before the ship is back in Halifax. By then it may have been totally repainted in Horizon's attractive colour scheme worn by fleet mate Horizon Star.


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